Thursday, October 24, 2013


So is she scared?!?!  

Evelyn Lozardo that is. She is refusing to join her co-stars on those Vh1 couches for the Basketball Wives Reunion show, and I believe this is because her and cast-mate Tami Roman has been beefing, and this is why she did not show up for the reunion portion just to make the show get cancel.

But scratch that for a minute I thought Shaunie was the head wifey in charge that run the show, but it look as if Evelyn has the last say so when it come to making final decision for the show. Well let's check it all out inside.

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The Reunion show is the highlight of the Basketball wives that we all waits to see. So what'up with that. Here's what up according to reports: 'The reunion special was supposed to start taping earlier this month, but filming was cancelled and not rescheduled after Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada decided to skip the reality show's season five reunion, sources told TMZ in an article on Wednesday.' The reason behind Evelyn absent is supposedly she's tired of talking about her divorce  from Chad and knew it would be the main topic of discussion on the reunion show."

Oh really Evelyn? That is not the real reason, I believe the reason behind her not appearing for the show is the fact that she  and co-star Tami Roman off camera current beef, and Evelyn does not want to face the drama with the Tami, considering the shade that been dished out on twitter and instagram. After a almost snap down between Evelyn and Tami on one episode, where Tami had to back down and control herself didn't sit well with Evelyn as she had a live interview with Huff-post last month saying:  
 "Tami has to talk about her to even get interviews"
Now you know Tami will not be cool with this as she took to her Twitter to set Evelyn straight:

Then Evelyn snap back:

And the snapping it still going from Tami:

Any how the producer claim they also cancelled the show because they felt the other Basketball Wives did not have much to talk about.

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