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Who You Hanged with this pasted Weekend? 

It's been a T-Day Weekend!

Yes that right the dazzling Boss Diva Toya Wright  celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend in Las Vegas. The stunning mom and wife rang in her birthday with bestie Tameka Tiny Harris,  husband Memphitz, and a "group of bad Bishes"

Plus Kim Kardashian and Phaedra Parks turn up for a fun Birthday weekend also....Check out more flicks of the intimate Birthday Divas weekend inside.

Click the snap below to view the pics...

For a dinner in Vegas. Toya  was dressed in old Hollywood fashion in a black and white lace pant suit, a fab hairdo and rocking the hot red lips effect.  But to put those rumors aside, Bestie Tiny finally came to hanged out and celebrate her girl Toya 30th Born-day as they posed together for a cute-ish snap. And during a recent interview Toya talk about her own reality show, having a baby, and the Beef between her and Tiny:

On the current status of her reality TV project with hubby Memphitz:
“Me and my husband shot a pilot, but he has some other things going on with the network. So it’s kind of like, if it happens, it happens, if not, I’m not tripping. I’m still working.”
On if she and Memphitz will be having a baby soon:
“I’m trying to finish everything up. I’m working on my second book, I just got a new book deal with Cash Money Content. So I’m finishing up my second book. I’m tryna get that out of the the way first. Once we get the business out the way, yeah, them babies gon’ come– later.”
On her relationship with Wayne and the mothers of his other children:
“That’s my family. They’ve been my family forever. My husband understands. One thing I love about him, none of that intimidates him. It’s weird, it’s a situation that no one understands and gets. But that’s our situation and we all are cool. Wayne baby mamas, Memph–everybody. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

On rumored beef with Tiny:
“What? That’s crazy. Tiny is like my big sister. We talk all the time. Like Tiny and I … we are probably about to do something real soon. Just because every time we get together, we don’t Instagram. I just was with her. There’s no beef ever. I don’t beef with my friends. That’s petty. That’s childish. I love all my friends. We all working trying to get this money. Please, no beef over here.”.

Peep more pics below...

 Hubby Memphitz came to surprise his first lady!

On day two of T-day weekend the ladies headed out to Brunch...

Check out TI and Tiny in the back...

More Diva: Kim Kardashian also took to Vegas for her Birthday Fun...

And back in Atlanta good friend of Toya who share the same Birthday RHOA star Phaedra Parks has a celebrating of her own...

Old pic of Mrs. Wright & Mrs Parks

B-day Fun right, Leave Comments Below?

[Photo Credit:]  Instagram, D. Mail

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