Wednesday, October 9, 2013


As the days ZOOM by, like they are. We're getting excited about what we want to dress up as for this Halloween Season. So do you know what you will like to be for the fun spooky day? Well don't worry because we are here to help you chose a sexy, cool, flirty, spooktacular Halloween costume. By sharing with you again some of this season popular attractive costume that you can glam in... 

Are you ready to view *Diva Snap* top Halloween Costume. 
One of our Favorite costume is when Toya Wright dress as wonder woman last year... She was such a Baddie in that costume while  rocking hot red lips. Oh So Divaish!  Pop those Fingers for Toya!
Click the snap below to view more costume...     

We saw a lot of sexy and sassy Halloween costumes at  but our number one choice so far is this Wonder Woman Corset Costume. We are really feeling this costume and know that we can rock this one right just as Toya did. 

By the way let's not forget about the little Divas Wonder Woman Girl Costume which is just perfect for a Big Diva and Little Diva Halloween theme. Peep our top costume below...

Second pick the Glow in the Dark, Sexy Skeleton Costume...

Want your Man-Boo to crave you, dress as a Hot Fries, Fruit Cup or delicious Pizza... {We are really adoring the Fruit cup, gotta have that mid-section right tho.}

Or what  about being a chocolate heresy kiss?

Is anyone deciding to take care of the ill by dressing as a sexy nurse...

Although this is the devil costume .... We gone pretend it a good red hot sexy devil catsuit ... Cute-ish!

Speaking of catsuit...  Do you like these one that we paired with the Flapper costume?

So now do you know what you going to be? Huh?

More Diva: Toya Wright shared with us on Instagram what she thinking about dressing up as this year...

Caption: by @deecardriche "Happy Halloween from the Faceless Kitty Krew!!! " can't wait til our Halloween Party! It's going down at Bottle Bar Halloween night! 
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[Photo Credit:] LabeShop, Toya Wright IG, 
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