Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hell to the nah!
Before watching the TLC Biopic Monday night I had forgot all about the former NFL completely. But nowadays once you hit up on reality T V or a film there go your claim to fame again. And that sound like exactly what's going on in this case of former NFL player Andre Rison who now has revealed how he wasted $1 million on jewelry, bought three cars in a season and even once lost back-to-back houses to compete with teammates. Plus peep the snap about Chili and Usher relationship  which did not get any air time on the Crazy,sexy,cool movie.

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Okay here the snap per Dailymail.com on Andre Rison:
"The ex-millionaire spent a fortune trying to look rich when he hit the big time, splashing out thousands of dollars at nightclubs for his entourage of 40 people and throwing down $100 tips.But the 46-year-old's recklessness came at a price - he was forced to declare bankruptcy due to overdue child support debts, barely escaped prison and now works as a student assistant coach at Michigan State.

Rison shared his incredible story of going from extreme wealth to financial ruin in ESPN’s 'Broke' documentary, which also explored the flashy lifestyles of other pro athletes.'When you have cash, you create debt,' Rison said. 'You spend until you’ve got nothing left… I should have saved a lot more money. I should have saved a lot more money.'Rison played 12 seasons in the NFL after being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft  in 1989.
But his sudden wealth and fame eventually took its toll. The competitive player admitted he had no idea about the tax system and felt pressure to 'keep up with the Joneses'. Watch interview below...

So was it a good thang that the late Lisa Left eye Lopes burn down his house. Because he was going to lose it anyways... {I'm just saying}

After all this time I always thought that the love of Chili life was R&B superstar Usher, but I guess like many I was wrong. From the TLC movie it appears that Chili was head over hills for producer Austin Dallas or according to Straight from the A, maybe it L.A. Reid: 

"As for how true the bio-pic stuck to what actually happened native Atlanta blogger Straight from the A verified the authenticity while spilling a little local tea about an alleged hook-up between L.A. Reid and Chili being the real source of friction between Pebbles and the C in TLC and local whispers about Reid being the real father of the baby Chili aborted. Not everyone was pleased with the bio-pic.

Billboard is reporting that Usher will get involved as the executive producer of the educational documentary Undroppable.  The movie will be finished this year and will be released sometime in 2014.

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