Friday, October 4, 2013


Although I'm liking  Kim Kardashian cut-out black dress in the above pic. But Honey this is a real talk moment for Kim Kardashion. Can someone tell her a setback is a killer! Darling you just had an baby a few months ago; do she not know revealing her chest like this after giving birth can make her almost see the light {{Glorray}}. But who am I to tell her this.. Kim was better off in her double denim...{I'm just saying tho}.

Anywho on to the adorable North West, yes the wannabe back rocking her sexy clothes new mom Kim Kardashian is sharing another pic of little Nori and express how she missed  the little one so much since being away for six days in Paris with baby Dad Kanye West...
Click the snap below to view pics of Nori….. 

Swaddled up tight in a baby blanket and resting on a very expensive-looking fluffy white rug. With her chubby little cheeks, little Nori is looking like a  combination of both her Mom and Dad. The 32-year-old reality star has now shared a second snap of her adorable daughter with the world on Instagram caption:

'I missed waking up with my little angel.'  

Oh and if you wondering why I call her Nori:

Kim is said to have left North - who she calls 'Nori' - in the care of her mother, Kris, and sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, while she attended PFW with her boyfriend. See the cutie below...

Aww with a Doll like that you can't help as new parents but to smile.

*Diva Snap*to kimmy-pooh 4 sharing pic OF NORI...POP THOSE FINGERS!

Now why Rasheeda keep hiding baby Karter face, your guest is as good as mines... But Kimmy-pooh wearing this after just having a baby is not a good look...{SMDH}

CAPTION: Last night in Paris! This dress pulled off the runway from the Givenchy show! Styled by @riccardotisci17 & @crfashionbook for Carine's film

Adorable Right, Leave Comments Below?

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