Friday, October 18, 2013


Yes Gawd! I'm down on my knees praying for what I'm about to show you.. And Divas I suggest you kneel too, but please don't bow your head atleast not too much.. Because we are about to experience a O~M~G moment on Pastor Deitrick Haddon from the new hit show 'Preacher of LA'. Lawd please forgive thee, but check it out inside.
Warning 18 + viewer only

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I'm gone need for the congregation to bow their heads and pray.... A moment of silence please. Alrighty now we can speak on it, can somebody tell me the Devil is a liar for this one. I know by now that we're all tune into the new reality show  'Preachers of LA' and  when watching the show I be like Hallejuah those pastor are fine...! {Lawd please forgive me} and speaking of fine not to bad in other places, I guess.. Okay here the low down snap per FunkyDineva: 

"Chile Deitrick Haddon ain’t as saved as he says he is. Last night I was sitting at the dinner table with Quad Lunceford (Married to Medicine) & Michelle Brown (Straight From The A) enjoying a glass of wine. We had just left the movie premiere of 12 years a slave (great movie btw) and needed to debrief. As we are discussing the movie, my attention was called to my cell phone. 
A picture of a big ole “smoked sausage” and a shirtless picture of a man had popped up on my screen. The pictures were from some email address I did not recognize. Immediately following, I receive a text that read “Deitrick Haddon from Preachers of LA TEA” At that moment at had to put that damn wine glass down and put my work hat on.  I responded to the unknown number with a text asking who were they. The person on the other end of the phone responded“Simone the woman he cheated on his first wife with”.  At that moment I had to pull my prayer cloth out and my blessed oil. Here it is I was at the restaurant to have a couple glasses of wine and now I was guzzling tea!"

By the way Thank you Dineva!  
Check the pic below.... 
WARNING XX-RATED... 18 + viewer only

How Mercy on us!!!!

Is he bless or what?!? {Lawd please forgive me}Did I not say that enough; never enough when it come to our father above.. Because what you about to see you too will be on your knee asking for forgiveness. See the uncensore pics here...

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[Photo Credit:] Funkey Dineva,  Google Image

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