Friday, October 4, 2013


Usually I see the men wearing their hair slick back with gel or relaxed. But now the ladies or shall I say Diva's are starting to take over the slick back hairstyle. And I spotted Nene Leakes, Lauren London, and Ciara recently taking the 'do' to the next level with fab blonde highlights. Keeping it simple but Oh So Divaish!  I'm loving the simple Diva slick back style!

Click the snap below to view the Hair Divas…

When I really paid attention to the slick back hairstyle it was recently when Lauren London posed cute for the camera on the red carpet for the premiere of the film 'Baggage Claims', and this is when I was like, umm... she been hanging out with girlfriend Ciara.  And it hit me the two are on 'BET' show 'The Game' and Ci-Ci rocked that looked on the first episode when she get some Malik attention ... So I'm thinking this where Lauren get the hairstyle huh, you're not fooling nobody... {Lol}

Scroll down for pics...

Ci-Ci was looking very cute & Oh So Sexy in that scene!!!! 
{BET Show 'The Game'}

The Singer/Actress also styled the 'do' in her video "Sorry"

Lauren London is werking the slick back on the red carpet Of 'Baggage Claim' premiere... Cute-ish  & Simple!

Reality Star of RHOA and 'I dream of Nene: The Wedding' just rocked her slick back on Tuesday at HouseHusband Peter Thomas Surprise B-Day Party... {Tho this pic of Nene  got me feeling some type of way}

I like the below Comb over hairstyle more on Nene...

Who wearing the Slick Back Best, Lauren, Nene, or Ciara?

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