Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Babe! What you know about Big Freedia? I know I like that reality show. Yes ya'll the Queen Diva of Bounce music got himself a reality show and Honey is showing us how twerkin and being a fashionable Queen is really done! And nobody can werk that back side like Darling Big Freedia and his dancers.... Check it out inside. {caution: 18+ viewers}

Click the snap below to view the bouncing…

Big Freedia is making his own way to the top with his hot Bounce jams that is taring the clubs up!  Coming straight out of New Orleans the rapper now is a reality star of Fuse TV's 'Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce'.  

The openly gay performer said his reality show is unlike any other that has been out before ~~ it is the first to cover the urban culture of bounce music scene in New Orleans. And the first episodeshowed on Wednesday night, was about Freedia’s original hair stylist who isher Mom having an issue with his manager Renee for bringing in a newhairstylist to a creative meeting, and the making of his new music video. That is said to being problematic, since it all about twerkin and bouncing that bootay:

"This new video has more people, more money and more problems," Freedia says in the voiceover.

Scroll down to watch {videos}

Freedia and his Mom/hairstylist

The twerk dance has been popular in New Orleans for at least twenty years, and the Queen Diva want  to inform us they are the originators of twerkin and to show us how it go and   "The queen of bounce music is here to take over the throne." he added. 

Also the booty-shaking phenom offered some advice for those who want to learn how to twerk for the first time: "Practice in the mirror. Watch those moves to control them." I really think Miley Cyrus def need to link up with Freedia for-sure!


BTW: Just last month Freedia was rewarded {Sept. 25} the Guiness World Record plaque for Most People Twerking Simultaneously. Ahead of the premiere of his reality show, he successfully assembled 358 people to twerk at the same time outside of Macy's Herald Square department store in midtown Manhattan.

Aye the "Queen Diva" that is....!

Ppl this is how twerkin is done... I just luving the Queen Diva & da Bounce music. Now press play so you can start to Bounce: {caution: 18+ viewers}



Make you want to dance right,
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