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Last night episode of Basketball Wives was full of drama when new Wifey Tasha's did her grand opening that was half ready for her celebrity Sewwins Weave Bar...{Lol}. However she did have a Celebrity Guest who came to join the pordy. See inside to Meet the Famous 'Big Diva'.

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Say Hello to Big Diva! Now peep the Drama below...

It's only right that us Diva talk about the wifey and their new girlfriend 'Big Diva'. So here the snap: Season 5 of BBW is still full of Drama and Honey Tasha really think she is the ish, but last night episode showed that Ms. Tasha really need to come down off that little cloud that she on because that weave bar of hers was not on point. And her co-stars Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami tried to tell her. But she wasn't trying to hear them tho... Peep the scene according to realitytea.com:

"It's time for Tasha's weave bar opening, and Shaunie and Tami arrive to "support" their new co-star.  Shaunie is appalled to learn the location is in a "rougher" part of town, and Tami makes a loud and abrasive entrance judging everything.  Poor Evelyn (I can't believe I just typed that) is mortified when she discovers a typo on the awning outside the salon.  {pic below}

Tasha arrives, and she admits that there are a lot of things about the space that have yet to be completed.  Tami questions her about the signage error, and Tasha waves it off with a "we'll fix it later."  Admittedly, she knows zip, zero, zilch about weave, and Tami wonders why she would choose to invest in a weave bar?  Evelyn is curious as to why someone would have a grand opening for something that isn't ready.
Tami has a laundry list of legitimate questions for Tasha, although her delivery, in true Tami fashion, is incredibly abrasive.  Tasha is very defensive, but thankfully the women are interrupted by Big Diva who is introduced by Tasha's public relations person as the weave bar's mascot.  Big Diva is going to haunt my nightmares.  Big Diva looks like Dora the Explorer grew up and made some very poor decisions.  I don't even know what else to say."

Well it look like it wasn't a good look for Ms. Tasha... Watch the clip below:

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