Saturday, September 14, 2013


Earlier this week we posted about Tameka Tiny Harris doing new things on her hot late night show 'Tiny Tonight".  Tiny and her Cast has been working hard this week as they begins filming the new Season of "Tiny Tonight". And not only has the ladies been getting their snappin on,  the Diva's has been keeping  it Oh So Sexy while on the set of "Tiny Tonight"; one in particular "Becky" I meant Tiny herself... Lol

Click the snap below to view more pics of Becky; oh my bad, Tiny….. 

The ladies of ‘Tiny Tonight’ are back, with  new topics, a new host,  new style, and new looks. And yes Tiny is one who is giving us a new look and sex appeal as she is on her "Becky Sssh" to go with her sexy-ness as she shared the below pics on IG caption:

"On my Becky sssh! Get ready for the New Tiny Tonight! We bck.. @claudiajordan @trinarockstarr & our newest edition @officialtamiroman & my girl@thatshekinah gone keep u laughing"

Yes Tiny you is def on your Becky ish and is werking that dress also! 

Love it Tiny...*Diva Snap* ...POP THOSE FINGERS!

Watch Video of Piles - Becky below: 

More Snappin:

Some Behind the Scene pics of "Tiny Tonight" below:

Tami Roman and Claudia Jordan

T.I and Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan and Trina

Claudia Jordan and Shekinah

Funnier Right, Leave Comments Below?

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