Monday, September 9, 2013


What's going on with Bruh, Bruh. Reports are snappin on the net that rapper DMX is wilin' out again as he run butt ass naked in a Detroit hotel and it was all caught on camera.

Click the snap below to watch the video…..

Okay here the snap according to YBF:

"Either X is bored or he has some issues to work out.  We're gonna go with both.  But over the weekend, the rapper was spotted doing something incredibly stupid.  Nope, he didn't get arrested for the 200th time (even though what he did was quite illegal).  He decided to drop his shorts after passing up a hotel worker who was picking up room service in front of a door, and run laps around his hotel floor totally naked....penis flying and all.
Of course, security camera footage was leaked out.  So, everyone can point and laugh at the censored foolery."

According to TMZ:
We reached out to X ... who said he just "felt like" doing a nudie run that day ... adding, "Imnotashamedofanythingigot" (read: "I'm not ashamed of anything I got.").
We just really can't.  Iyanla didn't fix this man's life.  Who will?
 [UPDATE] DMX's publicist Domenik Nati sent over the following statement about what supposedly prompted X's behavior:

"DMX was [at] a Detroit hotel with his DJ (DJ NonStop) and his road manager (Montana) before his performance withEve and Lil Kim on August 31st. X and the team were killing time at the hotel before the concert and dared each other to streak in the hallway. No one was aware that security cameras were rolling and it was just a playful dare between friends."

Watch video of Naked X below:

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