Monday, September 16, 2013


What the Snap is wrong with these Beyonce Fans. They be snappin! Really snappin! During her concert on Sunday a fan just yank her a$$ off the stage. {Hell naw}

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Okay here the snap according to Dailymail:

"Beyoncé was pulled off stage by a shirtless concertgoer during a performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday night.  The over-excited fan managed to put his arms around the 32-year-old singer and yank her off the elevated platform she had been singing from. However, Beyoncé's entourage were quick to step in, with two security guards rushing onto the stage to disentangle the singer from the grip of the fan.

The incident occurred when Beyoncé moved around the platform and leaned forward to sing to the crowd. 
While most of the ticket-holders were happy just to bask in the singer's glow, the shirtless man became overwhelmed by the attention and decided to try and engage Beyoncé in a hug. After Beyoncé's security guards pulled her back onto the stage, Beyoncé quickly resumed singing and dancing in her sequined blue jumpsuit during the performance at the Estadio do Morumbi stadium following the incident."

However Bey did respond about the incident saying:

'It's all right,' she told the crowd as she picked up a Brazilian flag that was tossed onto the stage. She moved toward the man after resuming singing and told him: 'It's alright, it's alright.'

Bey then stopped her Mrs. Carter show to address the man and ask him his name.  

'I love you all,' she said towards the end of a 90-second clip YouTube clip, which captured the incident.

Maybe it was the fact that Bey was rocking her new long hair again... Who knows {Lol}.

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