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Sound like some changes had been made for Tameka "Tiny" Harris hit show "Tiny Tonight".  Tamar Braxton will no longer be snappin on anyone on the show because she had been replaced with another snappin Diva Tami Roman from BasketBall Wive Miami...! Get the scoop inside...

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Look like since Tamar Braxton got her hands full with her new baby Boy and growing music career and reality show. She just may not have the time to sit around and chat with her lovely co-host most who she got along with of "Tiny Tonight" The Hit show debuted last December with Tamar Braxton,Claudia Jordan, Trina, Shekinah  and just after  four espisodes sound as if Tiny has made some changes considering the fact that Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton were bumping heads and snappin  on and off screen didn’t help the situation any.

However here the scoop according to ice cream convos:

When the show appeared to have failed, Tamar Braxton, who is Tiny’s bestie, made it clear that she was only on the show as a favor and never planned to be a permanent fixture on the show. Tamar stated:
"I’m not on that show anymore. Well you know, I only actually agreed to do two from the beginning. Because Tiny and I are really, really good friends. Everyone knows that. So like I told her I would do it and that was it. I’m saying that I wasn’t scheduled to do it in the first place."

Therefore Tami Roman has joined the cast of “Tiny Tonight” to the fill the seat Tamar Braxton .

The “Basketball Wives” star made the announcement via Twitter and has already started kicking it with co-host Claudia Jordan, who extended a very warm welcome to the Budweiser Bully.

From the look of the above pic, Tami and Claudia well be getting along just fine. You can see Ms. Roman and the other ladies when “Tiny Tonight” returns on September 20 on VH1.

I think Tami will fit right in with Trina, and Claudia on “Tiny Tonight. 

What Do you think about Tami on the show,

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