Sunday, September 29, 2013


How cute is this! Just three-year-old and she got those Beyonce moves down pack. Yes Honey not the Mom but her little daughter who quickly steals the show in a YouTube video as she sashays and body pops across the studio dancing to Beyonce song "Never Let You Go".

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When I saw this I was like..Get it Little Diva!!  Tianne King who teaches dance classes in Atlanta  has a adorable 3-year-old daughter Heaven who was recorded to YouTube after copying her mom's dance routine to the hot Beyonce song "Never Let You Go"...

And if we all know any  Choreography of Beyonce is rather complicated to learn. But to little Heaven who get it from her Mom the moves are easy to handle. Watch her as she break it down in a video that went viral.  

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Just turned three-years old last month, in one of the YouTube  video Heaven introduces herself saying: 
'I like to dance, my name is Heaven, I'm two years old and my birthday is August 8.'

Check Mom and Daughter out, Getting it! 

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Luv it!I have no idea what Bey is waiting for time to put Blu Ivy on the map shaking what Mama Bey gave her. Oh Wait I'm hearing that Blu Ivy is dancing according to
 hollywoodlife.comBey’s choreographer Chris Grant has noticed baby Blue’s musical talents are already developing:
Sometimes she’s in the studio. She’s enjoying what we’re doing. When you are around something so much and it’s in your parents you might end up being into too. When she comes to rehearsal she is moving her head and dancing around.
Not only does Blue enjoy watching her mom’s work, she really gives rehearsals a fun, lighter tone. Chris explains:
She really is adorable, we love when she is in rehearsal because she eases up everything.
Nothing could calm down a long day’s work like that darling face!

Even though she’s a powerful force when she hits the stage, Chris reveals that Beyonce is a great mom who takes on her mothering role so naturally. He tells EXCLUSIVELY that Beyonce’s daughter brings out her softer side:

Seeing Beyonce as a mom is so precious, so normal. People always see her on stage but it’s another thing seeing her in her element as a mom, she’s the sweetest person and the best mother.

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