Tuesday, September 17, 2013


WTS! How did this happen?!?! This weekend at the Big Mayweather fight, there was like two fights going on. One in the ring and the other ring side. Due to a Fashionable Faceoff  between Floyd Mayweather Ex-Fiance Shantel and one of his little Daughters who so happen wound up wearing the same hot dress.

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Bol Floyd got Cheldren, not Children, Cheldren... {Lol}. Anywho well we know that big fight took place on Saturday in Vegas and I tell you it seems as all of Floyd Women was in the building.  I mean his Exes, Girlfriend, Ex-Fiance, Baby Mama and all.. Did I stress that enough. Chile-Boo check this Mayweather Ex-Fiance and daughter show up fashionable rocking the same sexy dress, which led to a messy snap down with his baby mama Josie Harris and Ex fiancee Shantel Jackson. 

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Okay here the snap per YBF:

"Uh oh!  It's a fashion faceoff between Floyd Mayweather's fairweather fiancee' and his daughter Jirah....and it's not a friendly one.  Especially since Jirah's mom Josie Harris is popping off about her daughter being dressed like a "gold digging hoochie"....
At this weekend's big fight in Vegas, Floyd Mayweather had all his chicks...and alleged chicks...front and center to watchhi battle it out with Canelo. But it was another fight going on with his baby mama Josie Harris and sometime-y fiancee Shantel Jackson (yep, the one Floyd allegedly believes was messing with 50 Cent while he was in jail and is the supposed reason why he and 50 are beefing currently).

Shantel and Floyd had been broken up for a while, but all of a sudden, chick appeared ringside as Floyd's main chick for the $41 million match.  She posted plenty of pics in her hot pink belted Micheal Costello dress. 

But....Floyd's baby mom's Josie also had Michael Costello make a dress for daughter Jirah.  And it ended up being the same one as Shantel's.  Womp!" Interestingly, Josie posted pics from that night--with her daughter in the pics--and didn't seem to have a problem showing off her baby girl."

Mayweather got himself a Hot Damn Mess all the way round!  See pic of the Baby Mama and Daughter below:

Meantime Floyd other Baby Mama Melissa {who snapped it up with Lil Kim} celebrate her portion to the cash $$ that he made by having a Mayweather victory party with special guest Johnny Gill, caption:

Victory Party for @floydmayweather Johnny Gill even stopped by. My My My Mum Mum My  had to 

Peep pic below:


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