Thursday, September 12, 2013


So yeah about this Chick who was caught on fire while twerking behind the door in her apartment before her roomate inadvertently walks in on her which, made the Chick fall into a table of candle that set her flaming. Yep it was a twerk stunt not real at all, and you won't believe who was behind the fake stunt!

Click the snap below to find out who & see pics….. 

Late night host  Jimmy Kimmel was the master mind behind the made up, planned out video. And here the snap: according to Dailymail:

"The video has been viewed more than 9.3 million times on YouTube since it was posted a week ago and has been covered by nemerous TV news shows and websites. However, the entire clip was a hoax, put together by late night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

ABC's late-night host revealed on his last night that he and his team were behind the video, which stars stuntwoman Daphne Avalon.  Kimmel showed a 'full director's cut' of the video on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which featured him coming through the door after the roommate and extinguishing the fire.It turns out that the twerker's name isn't Caitlin Heller, but Daphne Avalon. She works as a Hollywood stuntwoman. He said the video was posted online without any kind of promotion on social media."

Watch Video below:


So now that we know this chick fire twerking was all Oh So Fake! It still does not top Miley Cyrus MTV VMA's twerk performances.. Scroll below to watch video.

SNAPPIN VIDEO: Watch Cartoon Miley Cyrus featuring Jay-Z & Diva Bey: {Lol}

Nor will it stop bad Gal Rihanna from Twerking as well...

Diva Snap* to all the twerk teams...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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