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Saturday, April 6, 2013


If you watch talk show Tiny tonight where Diva  Tamar Braxton made comment that she believe Beyonce fake her pregnancy because that moment when Bey went to sit her baby bump deflated.. Here what She {Tamar} said:

“I don’t think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like “OH SHI*!!”

Well the table has turn now that Tamar is pregnant. Yesterday Ta-Ta posted a pic of herself recording in the studio and the Diva baby bump did the same thing that many start to speculated that Beyonce bump did, ‘deflated, which had some of Tamar Followers going in on her.  Okay here the snap: Rocking the same outfit Tamar bump is showing and as she sitting it appear that the Singer Bump is not visible... 

Peep the snappin below....

{She was having a  "Mini Photo Shoot in @DVF We Did That... #getfreshcrew @diandre_tristan Stylist @terrellmullinHair & MU" }

Click on read more below to see more pics...

{SHE in the Lab putting down last min Vocals #Funners #SHEWON }

Then her instagram follower goes in when one Instawatcher  snap:   Ok beyonce with the disappearing bump. 

Then another saids:
Those comments she @tamarbraxtonher hit@baddiebey with could apply to herself right about now from this pic #fake #pregnancy #ridiculousness right!?  

Then Team Tamar step in defending She snappin with:
Her stomach is still there she's sitting duh y'all are doing too much leave My @tamarbraxtonher alone please!

 Another added:
She has a belly you can tell plus shes wearing black which is slimming 

More Team Ta-Ta jump in with:
 Damn y'all she ain't faking if u been pregnant before u wud know dat the belly change when u sit if u r nt that far along!!!!! Some of y'all aim got nothing better to do but down others!!!!!! GET UR LIFE!!!!!  

And Finally ended with: 
Why would she fake her pregnancy? She had no problem with letting the world know she was thinking about having a surrogate. So I'm sure if she decided not to carry the child she wouldn't have and she wouldn't have faked it. I'm sure it's just the angle of the pic.

The IG Snapper went on for hours. However Tamar  posted another pic...AND NOW YOU SEE THE BUMP AGAIN...!

Cute outfit tho! And Still She Win! 

 Tamar caption: Had a blast at my tea party with@emilwilbekin from @essencemag #funners.

Watch Clip of Tiny spilling the Tea that Tamar is having a Boy below:


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Anonymous said...

yea I agree she had no problem with letting people know she wanted a surrogate and black is slimming when ur pregnant and not that big to begin with when u sit down u cant really tell plus her lil jacket is cover her stomach.And why would she fake it further delaying her album and stuff it would be stupid on her part so I dont think she is faking it because its all in her face and everything

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