Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TELLING IT ALL: RAPPER T-PAIN SNAP....‘Me And My Wife Sleep With Other Girls Together!’

T-Pain why are you now telling your biz, perhaps it’s because you got no songs to rap about so you rather gain the attention of telling your personal affairs....

Any who during a recent interview  the auto-tune rapper-producer told  radio host  TT Torrez the tea on several subject  like having threesomes with his wife {Amber Najm shown in above pic}. Plus he talked about stepping out on his marriage to Father a child with reality star Elisa Hood, aka “Ms. Cherry,” and on how people believe his music career fell off....Peep the interview below:

On having threesomes with his wife:
“Alot of people were saying me and my wife were swingers and that we had like a Will-and-Jada kinda open marriage and I was just telling them that me and my wife just sleep with other girls together. It’s not like we can just go off and have relationships with other people. People were assuming we got married for nothing. Just because we smash a every now and then doesn’t mean we have an open marriage.”

On being successfully married for ten years:
No, I mean it’s that mind frame that has us together, it’s things that we can agree on things like that. It’s not just the smashing of the women. Before any of y’all heard of me, I was married.

On rumors that he had a baby outside of his marriage:
Yeah. I mean there’s always mistakes happening. Me being famous, I’m getting left and right temptations. We all got things we need to work on."

Okay Kinda Juicy, but whateva!

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