Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The premiere of  the VH1  new late night talk show "Tiny Tonight"  hosted by Tiny, Trina, Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton came on last night with the Divas  touching on some of the wow, funniest, ratchet moment of the year. The show was an hour long which highlights on this year snappin topics like:
  • The Rihanna/Chris Brown/Karrueche love triangle and the Mariah Carey
  •  Beyonce faked her pregnancy, 
  • Nicki Minaj American Idol drama.
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Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan was very prepared and expressed her thoughts on each topic fabulously.

 Tamar Braxton 

Outspoken Tamar  who stated on the show that she love twitter and is always on "twitter punishment" caught some heat last night again on twitter about her Beyonce comment: that she believe Beyonce did not carried her baby. Also Tamar was snap on from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez, who was offended that Tamar said she still believes that Joseline is a man.  Which made Joseline took to twitter to say:

@TamarBraxtonHer b–ch u got a d–k u f–k u know who whit you wanna be beyonce old PUTA. U a mess. I stay on u hoes mind. U 2 old

@TamarBraxtonHer I fight old hoes. Iol. #trowback. N give it up u like 100 u been trying all your life. Get back brawd. Lol Grandmamas always b hating

Tiny (Tameka) Harris

 Tiny is the host of the show who spoke appropriate and charming. During the show, she shared personal scoop on meeting Whitney Houston and having a chance to rub BeyoncĂ©’s belly. She also expresses that Mimi, from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, used to clean her home.

Our Miami Diva Trina 

Trina was very humble and agreeable as to not piss anyone off. Although she revealed her crush on the rapper Drake by stating she “love” him!

Tiny’s hairstylist Shekinah will become a fan favorite. She took to the streets to ask random folks about their favorite reality show and if they’ve ever heard the term, “Ratchet”. Shekinah was wonderful and funny as she gave her review on several topics, including the Tanning Mom. From the response on twitter, there are viewers for the show and because it was trending last night on twitter we believe Tiny Tonight will be a successful show.

Watch a few clips from the show below:

Tiny Tonight discusses the Rihanna/ Chris Brown/ Karrueche Love Triangle:

Tiny Tonight discusses the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey American Idol drama:

Shekinah on the streets:

The Tiny Awards:

*Diva Snap*  to the Divas on tiny tonight...pop THOSE FINGERS!

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