Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Friday, November 23, 2012


A "SOB" (Sh*t on the Brain) left baby in car to buy a tv!

Really? Folks need to stop snappin like this on Black Friday, it just sales and if you are a smart shopper you will know that most of these deals are year round when you shop online.

According to BlackMediaScoop: "Springfield, Massachusetts Police Captain Cheryl Claprood says a man left his girlfriend’s two year old child in the car, so he could go into K-Mart at the Liberty Street Plaza and buy a 51 inch television. 

34 year old Anthony Perry of Springfield will be charged with reckless endangerment to a child. He denies what happened. He told police he went into the store with the child and the boy got lost. Captain Claprood says Perry never called the Springfield police to report the boy missing. Police got word of the alleged abandonment from plaza security. They found the boy sleeping in a Nissan Venza. Police forced their way into the car to get the child. The boy was taken to Baystate Medical Center to make sure he was okay.

The child’s mother was working at the time and her boyfriend was supposed to be babysitting. Police caught up with Perry at his home in Springfield. He had his 51 inch T.V. with him.Police are not sure how Perry was able to get from the K-Mart plaza to his home without taking the car he drove to the store.
The Department of Children and Families will decide what happens to the child."

When will people learn to stop leaving their kids in the car DCF is not playing about this anymore. Get it together Weckos!

any thoughts about this, 

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