Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Uncle Luke is Snappin about his "'Pop That' Check"

Luke wants his money & he wants it now!

What you know about Uncle Luke? What we know is that they better pay Luke his money! How they playing (Lol). So who is Luke talking about? Well Miami number one freak Chief is directing this message to French Montana and YMCMB about the popular song "Pop that" which is Luke (2 live crew) song that was the jam back in the days. Especially our days. 

Okay here the snap: according to Mia News time "Somebody isn't paying the piper, and he's getting on MTV and bitching about it on red carpets." 

French Montana's big pool party hit "Pop That," featuring verses from Miami resident rappers Rick RossLil Wayne, and Drake, seems to owe a lot of its success to a well-chopped sample from Uncle Luke's "I Wanna Rock." 

Come on guys you make enough green off this song so pay up! (Smh) Click link below to read more...

*SnapS* to Luke for letting it be known…Pop those Fingers!
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