Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Rappers who are Gay and Proud for you to know!

We heart the Gay community, but what we did not know that there was so many gays in the rap and hip hop population.  A lot of rappers have been speculated to be gay, which we heard of these rumors, but just didn't know how true the rumors were.

Any who, they are proudly letting it be known. And we’re guessing that a lot of recognition for this goes to whom-a big thanks to Frank Ocean for making this possible! Per our very own Miami New Time “rapper Sissy Rich, who is much known on Facebook with more than 50,000 Likes. (Wow we're trying to get there!)... Had to throw that in there...LOL. This Floridian MC is hot with the freestyles and calls himself "The 1st Gay Rapper." Since 2007, Sissy been working hard in the game, doesn’t it make you proud, FLA?"  Wow! We are speechless... Click link below to see the other rap queer boys....

*Diva Snap* to this picture, Werk…Pop those Fingers!

Watch Sissy Rich Video here:

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