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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Bandz a Make Her Dance! 

Guess where Mama Dee party at and with you?

It was on and Snappin...! Mama Dee party was held at Club Starlet (Gentlemen club) in NYC, and among those invited was Tanisha (you know Tanisha from Bad Girl Club (Oxygen) who just got married) Yeah her; would celebrate Mama Dee Born Day in style spending some Bandz to make the ladies Dance.. Yep! You read that right with the Strippers an all Ladies Review. Mama Dee do it in her Gangster style! See the photos for yourself (below)...

*Diva Snap* to Mama Dee & Tanisha for making it epic... 
Pop those Fingers!

Guess what Mama Dee brought her own Strippers too! See more pics here ! Warning enter at your own risk!

Mama Dee very own Strippers !

Mama Dee, Tanisha and Friends !

Wow ! Bandz don't make her Dance Bottles Do (lol)

For some reason Tanisha have a thang for the ladies Dancer !

Told you check Tanisha out,,, Bad girl do, what a bad girl gotta do !

Mama Dee and Tanisha making it epic!

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