Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


We shared a viral footage early last week that was original posted by Instagram page @SpiritualWord of a young lady {who wish to remain nameless} who was dragged and jumped in the Ohio salon 'Iconic Styles' when she refused to pay full price for her hair after not being happy with the services right. Well check this out, the  Young lady was contacted by celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright who known for doing Megan Thee Stallion, Keke Palmer, Sza and Black Chyna & more hair. J. Wright flewed the young lady out and gave her a Fab mini makeover, making her a Queen for a day #TheWrightWay... Damn now that's what's up... *DIVA SNAP*... See more pics and video of the makeover inside.

Ok here's more deets via

Below is the snappin on thee Lysol nails:

The renown stylist flew the young woman out to give her an experience she won’t soon forget.

“I’m so happy,” the young woman rejoiced while embracing Jonathan. Even the woman who opened the door couldn’t believe the hair boss was there in the flesh. “He just better be here” she joyfully yelled.

The trip included a luxury hotel stay along with a full hair and glam makeover, compliments of him.

After slaying her hair and providing her with makeup by @manibaeee and bomb black dress from @Pink_Lucy and nails by @sharp.nailss, he allowed her to pose in his Rolls Royce for a fabulous photoshoot.

“No client should ever be treated the way this young woman was,” said Jonathan Wright in an official statement. “As a beauty professional, and as a human being in general, no one has the right to put their hands on another, let alone a customer who is dissatisfied with their service. It’s inhumane, and it’s wrong, so I felt the only right thing to do was to give her a slay day on me.” he added. “As a hairstylist, I wanted her to see that there are many of us out here, like me, who will build her up and not tear her down.”


Also the Salon has now Closed and:

"social media, spoke to the victim who shared her story. According to their correspondence, the young woman was attacked after she paid a $25 deposit fee and additional $75, just short of the full $150 price. The victim allegedly waited 11 hours to receive a sew-in, which is why she refused to pay the stylist her full rate. After an alleged 10 minute warning, the stylist attacked her before two more women jumped in followed by salon owner Iconic Stylezz, who then began dragging her by her hair.

The young woman has received an outpouring of support and there is currently a GoFundMe, organized by Reese West to raise money for her legal fees." - via HelloBeautiful.

Scroll below to see pics and videos:

Can't View Video Click Here

Can't View Video Click Here

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