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Thursday, October 10, 2019


Jesus Lol… Excuse me for giggling… But this some hilarious hair news… Chile a Georgia reporter got her wig snatched off on live T V just last week by a ring-tailed lemur... My!  

Yolanda Amadeo who is WALB Chief Meteorologist was in the middle of interviewing a zoo keeper when the lil wild animal jumped on her shoulders only to jump back off while pulling Sis wig off. Although she seem a bit shocked she held it together and continues to push through with the interview. But what in the world is going on with these animals now a days they are bold, bold… Ha! ... 

*D I V A ● S N A P S* More like Animal Snap... lol …  Watch the video of the incident  inside.

Okay here's the deet:

WALB Chief Meteorologist Yolanda Amadeo was interviewing a zoo rep when the animal jumped on her shoulders. While she seems a bit uncomfortable, she continues to push through the interview. But when the lemur jumps off her, her wig goes with it. As she tried to properly adjust her wig, the animal handler kept right on talking — and the lemur came back for round two. (Thank goodness she had some fresh cornrows un underneath.)
Ahh, we can’t even imagine the jokes back at the station. Let this be a lesson to all of us to protect our edges and secure our wigs!
 – Hyper Hair Mag

Watch Video Below:

Our local weather lady got her wig snatched by a lemur on live tv today

Press Play:


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