Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and  of course we have to support because we are a bit sweeter than normal... Lol...

Anywho actress Yvette Nicole Brown is also a bit sweeter and 
has been bless with "Sweet D". The Odd Couple” star has revealed that she too is battling with type 2 diabetes.  Brown proactively partnering with the American Diabetes Association and Colgate Total, to raise awareness about the link between oral health and the sweet  chronic condition. And she is snappin about as well as getting the last laugh on diabetes...  Find out how inside.

The actress who is now, an advocate for type 2 diabetes, the Cleveland native is using her platform to spread awareness and encouragement by a way of laughter with  Colgate’s, which is aa new “Laugh Out Loud” campaign. Brown  also snap and open up about battle with diabetes saying:

“I was prediabetic for 10 years. I never thought it would become actual diabetes. I don’t know if this is a community thing – I don’t want to place this on all of us – but in my family, when someone’s levels were high, it was called ‘sugar.’ Like, ‘she’s just got some sugar.’ It was really a liberating moment – if that makes any sense — once I realized that I had to make some big life changes,” Brown told in a recent interview.

                                                                                                                                I had no idea that gum disease was the leading symptom of undetected diabetes,” said Brown. “That is why my partnership with Colgate is so important. They are the only FDA-approved toothpaste that helps prevent gingivitis.                                                                                                                

“Taking control of your oral health is crucial. There is so much going on in our mouths with everything we consume and ingest. Knowing that you’re twice as likely to get gum disease if you have diabetes was an eye opening moment,” Brown said of her 2013 diagnosis. “I use to get regular cleanings every six months – now I go every three months.”

As for the steps Brown’s taken to improve her health, the 45-year-old revealed that “every day is a struggle.”
We [those with Type 2 diabetes] have to make a daily decision to live better. Instead of reaching for a glass of sweet tea, choose water; park further away from the mall or work and walk. Moving around just a little bit, goes a long way,” said Brown.
In addition to her campaign, Brown tells she also keeps a close eye on loved ones. “Any time a friend may be showcasing symptoms that they could be at risk, I say ‘Hey, have you had your levels checked?’”
Overall, Brown hopes that her story will educate and encourage others to take control of their health. “I hope that people really enjoy our videos,” said Brown of an upcoming series of ‘Laugh Out Loud’ videos. “We aren’t trying to make light of the diagnosis — at the same time, we want people to laugh and learn – they [the videos] came from the heart.”

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