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Music Mix Spotlights!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Time to go fall Divas....

Fall should be known officially as the season of fashion. When else can you wear your summer wardrobe, your winter wardrobe, and be guaranteed its not raining? Only autumn. With that said we have put together four tips that will help you be a fashion snappin diva this fall season... See inside

Okay check out these four tips that will help you be your best fashionista self this fall season:

1. Pull Outfits Together with a Seasonal Scarf: 

Let's face it. We have all had a moment when we are just not quite sure what an outfit needs. Luckily, during fall that answer has an easy question! To complete any outfit that feels like it is missing a little something, thrown on a scarf and watch the magic happen. Scarves can even help bring what could be a risky outfit into fashionable territory. Wearing old blue jeans and a tee shirt? You don't have to be drab, choose an interesting scarf and suddenly your outfit will become French-chic, instead of just plain simple.     

2. Look Lovely in Cozy Layers
Nothing is better for handling those chilly autumn mornings than a well-layered outfit. Since the weather can still get fairly warm in the fall, you don't want to limit yourself to options that force you to freeze every morning, or overheat every noontime! Experiment with clothing items such as camisoles or bandeau tops layered underneath short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts. Top off the ensemble with multiple outwear layers to give you options throughout the day, such as a light jacket thrown over a comfortable cardigan. This means that when the sun finally shines enough to heat up the weather, yet the persistent autumn breeze blows cold, you can choose between which outer layer is most comfortable, or even relax in both.

  3. Test New Makeup Palettes Inspired by Autumn:
Many makeup companies love autumn for the gorgeous color palettes that go with the season. Providers such as Lime Crime oftentimes feature amazing autumn colors such as plum and copper that are just perfect for the autumn vibe. Switching up your makeup look can be tough for many ladies, so the onset of autumn weather gives you a perfect excuse to try out a new routine. Even if you usually stick to nudes, take a risk and go for that plum lipstick. You may just love it!

4. Buy a Good Bootie:
While this may be the last tip, it's not the least. The bootie is a classic autumn shoe that can complement pretty much every single outfit you own. Wearing a dress? Easy, throw on some cute booties and bring on the envy. Just jeans? Booties will keep you comfortable but bring your jeans to the next level. A bootie is a good investment, and their mid-season style means that you can wear them throughout late summer to early (and maybe even mid!) winter depending on where you live.

Feel free to experiment with what works best for you so that you can rock this autumn, your way. Remember, fashion should always be fun!

[Snap By:] Guest Blog Writer
- Andrea Shay

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