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Friday, September 16, 2016


 photo faithstevie.jpg

Now the snappin has it that Stevie J and Faith Evans been fooling around... Well the results are in and it look like the snappin may have it right, the word is they are thee new couple on the block... Oh Wee Now! Deets inside.

Okay here's the snap per Straight From the A:

"As you know, it was reported earlier this year that Joseline Hernandez bleached Stevie J.’s clothes after becoming ‘insanely’ jealous over his relationship with Faith 

Image result for joseline hernandez.GIF

Well, it appears Joseline may have been on to something…

Faith posted the photo above on Instagram which got tongues wagging. In the caption, Faith states:

“Well I guess it’s Ooouuu… (in my Young MA voice) #TiptoeinginTampa with @hitmansteviej_1 #BadBoyFamilyReunionTour #teamfizzy #teamprolific #charmflowersgroup #TKAI coming soon!”

The pair have been rumored to be dating for months now, but many feel that Faith’s IG post is confirmation that they are officially together.
AlwaysAList recently confirmed suspicions, stating:

..after 22 years of knowing each other, Stevie and Faith are an official item.
The two have been inseparable most of the year, with Stevie joining Faith onstage some nights during the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.

We don't know how true this is, but will just have to wait and see this play out... Oh about Joseline; well Look Down there.

Image result for joseline hernandez.GIF

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