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Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DIVORCE WHO: PREGNANT DIVA KEISHA K. PULLIAM SAIDS BOY BYE HER "AC is blowing like a Beyoncé fan"...{Details}

On Monday news broke that Keisha K. Pulliam short term hub-boo Ed Hartwell has file for Divorce 8-month later afte tying the knot,and soon after the Actress just announced she is preggo with his child. Well why Folks are in shock with hearing this new, Keisha is giving the soon-to-be ex Hub-Bae some Beyonce type of lemonade on the gram... Get the deets inside.

Keisha K. Pulliam took to the gram and sharing the above pic glowing and feeling pretty,  basically saying boy bye... well here what she really said:

"That moment you get in the car out of 100 degree Atlanta heat after getting a much needed trim and the AC is blowing like a Beyoncé fan and you must take a selfie!!! 😂😂😂 Thank You @theartistrj ... #IFeelPretty"

Okay here's the snap about the ex-hub to Be Ed filing for Divorce report YBF:

 "We've learned that former NFL linebacker Ed Hartwell filed divorce papers in a Fulton County, Georgia courthouse this morning.  He filed the divorce complaint under Edgerton Hartwell II and cited irreconcilable differences, "such as constant disagreements on life changing decisions that couples typically make together."                                                                    

[UPDATE-- The above public record divorce registration was posted hours after we broke this story. Additionally, we are in possession of the full multiple page complaint filed by Ed.]

The decision to split comes less than eight months after his and wife Keshia Knight Pulliam's surprise New Year's Eve wedding.

We're told Keshia is not yet aware that he has filed for divorce.  She also has no idea Ed simply wants out of the marriage and to remain single.

The two having a few marital issues did not come as much of a surprise to those who are VERY close to the couple.  Sources tell us they noticed constant bickering going on. We're told an all out divorce, though, was unexpected.

They have done a good job not to comment publicly on any problems.

At least one of the issues stems from Ed feeling like Keshia acts in a "spoiled" way, something he knew before he married her after four months of dating.  Apparently, he has a history of acting impulsively, i.e. that surprise wedding after just a few months of dating.

They did not spend his birthday together on May 7th.

Keshia recently revealed she's pregnant with her and Ed's first child, and it's a girl.  She is due January 2017.

Interestingly, Ed tells via his rep, “Right now, the only thing I want is a paternity test for the baby.”

Wow.  We don't see this ending well, especially for Keisha who will likely be embarrassed since she doesn't usually air her dirty laundry publicly.

Keshia & Ed met while hitting the party circuit in Atlanta, and soon exchanged numbers during one event.  The rest was history.
Damn... We like Keisha now... "Big homie better grow up!

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