Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Reality TV star Tionna Smalls broke the news today that she is now a preggo diva and expecting her first child with long time boyfriend turn her hub-boo who she married back in 2013, and we're like... Gurl congrats, we so happy for her... yes Tionna we are fans!  See the preggo news inside.

The reality star took to the gram to share the great new sharing the below pic with caption:

"Cas and I are expecting our first child early 2017. I know- I can't believe it either. It is a crazy experience... I can't hold it in any longer. Thanks to our close family and friends who kept the news on the low low! Love y'all! Omg, we're going to be parents and YES, There's something in the air! That damn Miami trip! 😩😩😩😩🙈 #expecting#thegrindabouttobeworse#workingsmarterforus."

Tionna also posted the below pic saying:

"Ok guys, y'all know there's always a story with me so I will make it brief. I found out I was pregnant bc my breasts were killing me beyond my deepest imagination. I remember my sister saying she found out she was preggers bc of her breast so I decided to take the pregnancy test below. Before I could even pee on it right- it was positive. I was like nah that was too fast so I took the ClearBlue on top and that joint not only tell you if you're pregnant but if you are 1, 2, 3 weeks or more pregnant. Went to dr- all confirmed. I have been extremely sick ever since I found out. Lost 12 pounds in a month... The sickness is subsiding but I still can't be around food and I still can't cook... I eat like a supermodel and if I don't eat when baby says so- I will throw up my guts for hours... So welcome to my world as a bossy mommy! It's not easy and I am very nervous but I will survive and make it through! 👶🏾 #expecting #2017"

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