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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Miami the violence Miami!

This is oh so needed right now with all the recently killing of our young generation down here in Miami. There a group of teen that snappin  through music to stop the  gun violence in our city... Watch, learn and join the movement inside.

Okay here's the snap on the Miami teens  sang & rap to stop gun violence through music report: Miami WSVN: 

  "A group of Miami students is looking to start a movement using their voices to put a stop to gun violence in their community. The group is collaborating with a Miami-based non-profit organization The Motivational Edge to pay tribute to victims of gun violence and raise awareness.                                                
The video, entitled “Stop the Violence,” was filmed in neighborhoods with high crime rates, including Brownsville, Allapattah and Liberty City — many of which students call home.
“I lost a friend not too long ago,” said student Rachel Pinchinat. “Two years ago. His name was Gabriel Figueroas, and he died when he was 16, closer to Christmas, Christmas Eve. He got shot in a drive by.”
The group uses the arts to target youth in the community through several different programs including dance, music and writing. The founder of the program said it provides a creative and positive outlet for troubled teens... Read more.

 Watch the Teens Sang &  rap below:


Watch "Stop the Violence" Mural - Touching Miami with Love below:

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