Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Ladies and Gentleman get ready to put your two fingers together and snap it up as we introduced to you our next , rising Diva On The Move, interview featuring the fearless, divaish, empowering Kutana B.K.A. KC-Diva CEO of DivaLyfe clothing & events from thee ATL.  See the moving interview and video inside.

Diva Snap have the honor to meet KC on Instagram where we begin chit, chatting by emailed and phone to collaborate on all things that divaish and fabulous, and since then we have watch KC upgrade her brand and make major moves to launch so many wonderful powerful events. Leading KC to become a empowering D.O.T.MWith that said check out the interview below:

KC give us a deeper insight on who she are:

“My name is Kutana Council born & raised in Palatka, FL so I’m a country girl I lived in Jacksonville FL for 14 years where DivaLyfe was born, until I decided to launch & expand my brand to Atlanta in 2013.”

KC Brand is:

“DivaLyfe Luxury Clothing, DivaLyfe Luxury Events, Independent Business Owner with ACN,  Avid Angels non-for-profit organization, as well as advertising and marketing for small companies.”

We ask KC what gave her the spark to start her 
businesses, + where did the ideas for DivaLyfe came from:

 “I started DivaLyfe in 2011 after realizing working in the banking industry was not my passion. After living and doing more for others than I actually did for myself for over half my life. I decided it was time to live for me & be 100% Diva that I am, DivaLyfe Live it, Love it! I started this clothing lines with hopes to inspire other women to uplift and support each other while being true to yourself and who you are. And to feel great about the Lyfe you are living and who you are! I have been told by so many women, oh, I’m not a Diva, and I’m like YES YOU ARE! It’s so much more to DivaLyfe, and I just want to tell everyone about it!!!! I also want to leave a legacy for my children & leave my mark on the world MOGULE is what I want to be and MOGULE is what I will be.”

KC when did you know that you wanted to be what we call a Diva on the move: {businesswoman}

“It has always been in me to be a businesswoman even though back then I looked at it as hustling. I remember back in the day when I got my 1st small business license and started buying braiding hair wholesale and selling it out of my apartment complex. I’ve always been a business diva, My pastor once told me he see me in corporate running a business and I said NO, I don’t see that, I have a GED & work in fast, low and behold all these years later...he was right.”

What makes DivaLyfe fashion and events stand out from others businesses in the same industry?

 “The passion I have for my business is what makes it stand out. When you profit from living your dream versus working for someone else the feeling is better because you took nothing and made it into something and it’s the way you want it to be.  DivaLyfe is like my baby I put everything I have into it.”

What are your dreams or vision for the moving DivaLyfe brand? Is there anything in particular we should look out for?

 “To expand & become a Fashion Mogul, I want DivaLyfe to be recognized as a household brand.”

KC tells us about someone she have mentored or coached to achieve success..., And what three pieces of advice she want to say to other women who want to become a D.O.T.M {businesswoman} or have big ideas and dreams:

She mentor:  “My daughter Jasmine Green, She would say to her Never give up!
3 advice: It's never too late, stay focused & always give back. We started a non for profit called Avid Angels to help homeless women & children.” she added

In one word, describe your life as a Diva on the move: {businesswoman }

SpottieOttieDivalisious” ...Ha! We luv it! 

Lastly, KC tell us about her upcoming fashion/or empowerment events that are in the work.  

I'm currently working on Fashion, Beauty, & Business Empower Her Series starting this spring. In three different cities. We have 3 new shirts coming to our website this month Boss Lady Diva, Dope Fashion Killa and we are also debuting our Birthday Diva shirt for each zodiac sign, where customers can order a custom made zodiac t-shirt to represent their zodiac signs for their birthday month!”

To continue with our D.O.T.M interview we ask KC our highlighted questions: 

Check out some KC  past and present empowerment event below + scroll to bottom for video:

Past Events:

Take a look at some of KC event sponsors below:

You can keep up  or reach out KC on Instagram:

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