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Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, May 20, 2016


So by now we all know that Kylie Jenner and Tyga is no longer that couple... Thanks to thee special head Diva in charge; honey Momage Kris Jenner don't play when it come to that ancest bizness, they say once Blac Chyna got preggo by Rob Kardashian, Momma Kris snapped that Tyga had to go because thier was no room for both him and Chyna to be apart of the Kardashian Family... My, my, my! Read more inside.

Okay here's the snap per O.Mail:
It was Kris who made the decision that Tyga had to go. And it was made not because of his apparent infidelities or the age gap in his relationship with Kylie.                                                                                                                                             In fact it was a devastating cynical calculation on Kris's part, my sources tell me: that Blac Chyna's relationship with Rob Kardashian makes her an integral part of the Kardashian family. And therefore there is simply no space in the family for both her and Tyga.
I learned that as soon as Blac Chyna and Rob became romantically involved that Kris Jenner had come up with a master plan to shut out Tyga from the family.  

She was never a huge fan of Tyga. Friends of Kris told me she always had red flags over him, especially since Tyga had gone broke. She worried that Tyga, 26, was using Kylie, 18, for cash.                                                                                               
My sources say Kris called a meeting with Blac Chyna, who dished a mouthful to her about her ex Tyga. For Tyga, that was the final straw. After Rob, 29, and Chyna, 28, announced their engagement, Kris told her daughters to patch things up with Chyna and to treat her as part of the family. Meanwhile, she had lengthy talks with Kylie. They both agreed the best thing for Kylie was to move on 'The second Chyna rolled into bed with Rob it marked the end of Tyga's Kardashian journey,' a source close to Kris Jenner revealed. 

Another friend of Tyga told me: 'The Kardashians had to choose one over the other.
'Kris is one of the sharpest people one could ever meet. She's nobody's fool. And she knew there was not room for both Tyga and Chyna in the Kardashian fold. She chose Chyna.'
'It was easy. The family hated the fact that Tyga had financial problems. There were constant rumors of bankruptcy and Tyga was evicted from several homes for not paying the rent.
'It was the perfect time for them to get rid of him and to focus on Chyna and Rob. The icing on the cake was when Chyna announced she was pregnant. Days later Tyga was out like a bad dog.'

Chyna Won!! 

More Diva: Chile the snappin has it that Kylie and Tyga got a sex tape floating around in the wrong hands... Check the deets on that HERE.

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