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These 4 Women Are Turning 100 This Summer — And Have Been Friends Since World War I

Talk about some real OG's!
Meet four  BFFs Leona Barnes, Elizabeth Hammett, Gladys Butler and Bernice Underwood who all have been friend like foreva and is turning 100 years old this summer; Wow this amazing.. *Diva Snaps*  to them!  Get more deets on the OG's besties on the inside.

Look at Gawd these four ladies are celebrating  history and a lifetime of faith and friendship as they each get ready to turn 100 years old. Leona Barnes, Elizabeth Hammett, Gladys Butler and Bernice Underwood have been friends for as long as they can remember, and according to The Washington Post their friendship begin back to the end of  world war II were they was raised in Washington D.C., The OG's Divas met in church and grew upp together playing jacks, jumping rope and learning the two-step in Southwest D.C., and now they speak out about their life:

“God has been good to me. I have no complaints. I have a good life,” said Bernice, who rides a bike and dances every day at 99 years old. “And God has been good to me.”
“When I get up in the morning, I have my mind stayed on Jesus,” Gladys added during their chat with the Post at their church.
One of the Ladies talk about living to see Obama become President sayin: “It was wonderful, and I’m glad that the Lord gave me the opportunity to see this in my lifetime,” Leona said. I never thought I would see a Black president, so it was marvelous for me.”
They was also asked how their friendship has endured this long, Bernice believes that it’s because they have so much respect and love for each other and their sisterhood:
“The only thing I can say, we cared for each other. We loved each other,” Bernice shared. “And we just were friends all these years. Never had a cross word with any of them.”

Press play below to see them speak on more:


"My birthday wish for each of those ladies individually and for all of them collectively would be that in some way, in some way, they have had an opportunity to experience the fruit of the seed that they've spent 100 years sewing in this community and in this church," Pastor Keith Byrd of Zionist Baptist Church in Northwest D.C., where the women have been members for several decades, told thePost.

Man this will def be a squad goal if you and your best friend could live to see your 100 birthdays? 

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