Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Up and coming rapper Dee-1 hit home when he drop this new track call " Sallie Mar Back" which has now gone viral, and hit  will have you jooking to the beat!  But what we really want to know is how did he pay high a$$ Sallie Mae Back... Ha! 

Watch the official video inside.

Okay so it look like new Rap Bae Dee-1 is letting us know how he paid Sallie Mae Bae  when he drop verse 1.. that goes a Lil sumthing, sumthing like this:

"Huh let me tell you what i been through when it comes to Sallie
She call me at least twice a day she want her money badly
Calling me from different numbers ooh she think She slick
But I got them all memorized I hit ignore quick
Needed tuition Needed room and board
Had To pay for books so i took out loans to feed the Boy
Graduated wasn't making Quite enough to pay em back
Went in default Messed my credit up check my Equifax
I ain't proud of that I'm more proud that I drown in that
I got 2 jobs really got on my grind
No time to whine i can't ride the pine
In the game right now My time to shine
Started paying them loans back one at A time
Got them down down down
Down down down down down till i payed them all off
Peace sign"

Rap-bae Dee-1 is from  New Orleans rapper Dee-1 infact paid off his student with a portion of the money he received from a record deal, after months of just making the minimum payments, he said:
“It’s really a part of my life journey,” said Dee-1, who graduated from Louisiana State University in 2009. “So many people can relate to it. I’ve had conversations with friends who went to college, and Sallie Mae would always come up. I wanted to make it a fun, celebratory anthem to motivate people.”

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