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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Putting it all behind them: Kim Kardashian posted a friendly Instagram selfie of herself and Amber Rose on Tuesday - following Amber's very public Twitter spat with Kim's husband Kanye West

Babe there some new tea out and it is that Kanye West wifey Kim K and ex Amber Rose has surprisingly hook up, and where hoping to dismiss the beef between Kanye and Amber that snapped off last week on social media... Although the snappin has it that Kim was fed up with Kanye coming for Amber and was about to untied the knot, {tho we don't believe that}...  Anywho let get the tea on Kim and Amber hook up inside.

So about Kim and Amber Selfie teak here's the snap report O. Mail:

"Her husband Kanye West was recently involved in a public Twitter spat with his ex, Amber Rose - and in turn, her ex, Wiz Khalifa. 

But in a surprise twist of events, Kim Kardashian, 35, has posted a very friendly Instagram picture of herself with 32-year-old Amber, which shows that the spat is now water under the bridge.
Kim posted the sassy snap on Tuesday, proving that she has no ill feelings towards Amber, alongside the caption: 'Tea, anyone?'

Amber posted the same picture, writing: 'Swingers,' as well as a Kermit the frog emoji, which references the famous frog meme, meaning, 'but that's none of my business.'

In the image, the girls look super close to one another, with an ample busted Kim sporting her fashion forward plaited pigtails. Amber can be seen pouting up a storm alongside her, sporting a bright red lipstick and dark designer shades, while wearing a studded leather jacket.

They're on the same page: Amber shared the same shot, writing 'Swingers' with a picture of a kermit the frog emoji, meaning 'but it's none of my business'

And Kanye Tweeted: 

Taking to Twitter again: Kanye West has used social media to make an indirect apology for dragging Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's son into his war of words - he is seen here at LAX on Friday 

He took to the social media platform saying: 'God's dream .... Never speak on kids again'

Clarification: The  rapper wanted fans to know that he was not exactly into what his ex accused him of on the microblogging site

Hitting back: Amber model did not take lightly to Kanye's Twitter rant about her ex Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday as she responded with a rather crude tweet

The Folks on Twitter is snappin about it 

Chile!! We gone look into this deeper... 

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