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Music Spotlights!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Oh Chile the snappin has it that Rihanna is sending for Beyonce babe, and they say it went down backstage at the Grammy's plus this may be the real reason behind why what Ri-Ri did not performance on at the Grammy... Get the deets on the inside.

Okay here's the snap per MTO: 

 " was the FIRST NEWS SOURCE IN THE WORLD to tell you guys that Rihanna did NOT show up at the Grammys BECAUSE OF BEYONCE. The good folks at TMZ reported that it was because of a "throat illness," but we told y'all that was just some PR MESS that the folks at the Grammys fed them.
The REAL DEAL . . . is about to come out -- as early as TODAY. learned that there was a "blow up" backstage at the Grammys rehearsal, when Rihanna learned that BEYONCE would be attending the event. The exchange, which we're told was CAUGHT ON VIDEO - has Rihanna SCREAMING at producers. We're told she can be HEARD saying "F*CK BEYONCE" and saying other things like "I'll f*ck that b*tch up." Although it's NOT CLEAR that she was talking about putting HANDS on Beyonce.
This story is unfolding VERY QUICKLY, and you can expect that we'll give you an UPDATE when that video becomes available.
And we know some of you BEY stans and Rihanna Navy are having some trouble believing THIS BEEF IS REAL. Well check out how TMZ is backtracking on their initial report that Rihanna was "too sick" to be at the Grammys. This is what they reported THIS MORNING:
Rihanna was screaming and hysterical before she bailed on the Grammys, but there are conflicting stories about what triggered her outburst.
Sources connected with the show, and several sources who were not connected but present at the show, tell TMZ ... the singer was loudly expressing displeasure over her rehearsal. They say she was loud and upset and, as we first reported, bailed on the event.
Rihanna's people say she had a medical issue ... bronchitis that was so bad she could not perform and that's why she left. Sources close to RiRi tell us she was too upset to stay and watch the show.
It's interesting ... Rihanna sang flawlessly two nights before the Grammys at a Lionel Richie charity event. Several sources say her voice was also great at the Grammys rehearsal

Diva Ri-Ri you betta watch out... Little Sister Solange really got them hand, plus Bey know how to threw them legs up... Lol

A leg up on the competition: Beyonce not only showcased her singing talent but also her athleticism during the show

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