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Tuesday, December 8, 2015



The new mommy to be again fake black lady Rachel Dolezal had snapped that she was knocked up with and expecting ab baby boy. Now thee Preggo one has revealed that she will be naming her new baby boy after thee great late Langston Hughes... Yes, yes, y'all... You read that right... Get the deets inside.

Rachel Dolezal, who was posing as a black woman but was outed as a white woman earlier this year, has said that since she was outed, a third of her friends have stopped speaking to her

Okay here's the snap on thee pretend black preggo lady Rachel Dolezal naming her baby boy after the great Langston Hughes per O. Mail:

Dolezal said she's naming her son after the poet (pictured) in honor of his poem, Mother to Son
"Since being outed as white by her own parents, Rachel Dolezal - the former President of an NAACP chapter - has revealed that she has lost a third of her friends and she’s still unemployed.

The 37-year-old expecting mother who lives in Spokane, Washington, also announced that she will be naming her new son after Langston Hughes.

Dolezal, who at a time claimed to be African American, made headlines in June and sparked a national debate about racial identity when she was accused of lying about her own Nearly five months later, Dolezal conceded that she ‘was biologically born white to white parents’, and now, in a revealing article with Broadly, she has opened up about her past and what she expects in the future.

She told the media site that since it was revealed that she was not an African American woman and had white parents, about a third of her friends have stopped speaking to her and being turned down by publishers when she proposed writing a memoir.

Dolezal was voted out of her volunteer Police Ombudsman Commission position in Spokane and Eastern Washington University declined to renew her quarterly adjunct professor contract.She claims the only job offer she has received since she was outed was a six-figure Vivid Entertainment porn offer, which she turned down. She has resorted to doing weaves and braiding part time to make ends meet after losing her job.

‘I've struggled with depression to the point where I wonder if it's even in my kids' best interest for me to stay around,’ Dolezal told Broadly. ‘I feel like I'm a liability to my own children.’

But when she discovered she was pregnant - with the child of a man she declines to discuss - she chose to keep the baby.
‘I couldn’t handle any more loss,’ she said, admitting that the trauma of being in the public eye earlier this year led her to name the child after the famous Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes.

Dolezal rarely discusses her childhood, but it has been reported that she was born into a family rooted in extreme Christianity. Above, she is pictured center with her parents, her biological brother Joshua and her adopted siblings

In the Above pic  she is pictured center with her parents, her biological brother Joshua and her adopted siblings.

One thing we can say is Boo-Ma knows how to stay in the News tho.

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