Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


 photo om16.png

Men take note!

Babe Reality star/singer Omarion is a real man-boo who know how to treat his Bae!!! Yes! O really out did himself to celebrate his pregnant girlfriend-boo Apryl Jones’ birthday on Tuesday. Let me tell, I going keep it real with ya’ll now… I need me an Omarion, and Divas after you see how wine and dine his Apryl, I know you going to want you an Omarion too…! Lol 

Any who Fella get out your pencil and paper so you can take note. pay close attention, inside.

Chile….Omarion did it up for the mother of his kids  Apryl… Boyfriend-boo is showing how a real man suppose handle business. O went all out to celebrate his 7-month pregnant-ma-boo Apryl Jones Born-day… It was a beautiful sight he did with the extravagant gifts, full-body massages, beautiful rose petals, a gourmet meal, singing….YAAS!!!  Men pay attention, Check out the pics below…

 photo om1.png

First O made his birthday breakfast in bed and set up hot bubble bath for her to relax in after she ate...

 photo om2.png

 photo om3.png

Soon after he drove her to their destination, and  gave her a nice Chanel bag for a gift. Then, he brought her back home for a very soothing and very romantic afternoon.

 photo om9.png

Where she was surprised with rose petals scattered on the floor in the shape of a heart with their initials inside. Oh My Goodness!

 photo om7.jpg

 photo om14.png

O hired a crew to pamper and take care of Apryl for the day. Honey O got a butler to feed her fruit and bring her drinks, a few masseurs to provide a full body massage, and a cook to whip up an amazing lunch. My, My, My… we love it!

 photo om6.png

 photo om8.png

 photo om10.png

As Apryl enjoyed the massage… Boyfriend-boo O sang to  her and also hired a man to play the guitar as he sang her love songs:

 photo om5.png

 photo om11.png

The couple also had their own customized menu for the afternoon. 

Then, O came bearing more gifts and gave her a nice Rolex watch.

 photo om12.png

 photo om13.png

 photo om15.png

Watch  the video below: 

Now Ladies  raised your hands if you need a Omarion... Yep we thought so...Ha!

That How Real Men Do, Right
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