Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Chile did y'all hear Trick Daddy on the Breakfast club this a.m. Bru is stupid cray... Lol.. 
 The 305 Snapper did not; shall we say it again, did not hold nothing back during his interview. Bru snapped it up with Angela Yee,  DJ Envy and them... Um we meant Charlamagne Tha God where he talked about  homosexuality, the short beefs with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, his battle with Lupus and a lot  more that make you be like; did he say that, But if you follow Trick on social media you already know his mouth does not have a chill... 

Anywho watch the interview inside.

Okay here's the highlight below:
On eating the “groceries:”
“I’m a pleaser, so I appreciate booty-eating women.”
On the current state of the rap game:
“It’s totally changed now. N***as got blond tips, and skinny jeans, and tight shirts, and they come out rich on their record, they come out with a clique already. When I first mentioned a car, I was like ‘I wanna buy me a Benz but I’m 50 grand short.’ Now you hear these new rappers – first I gotta ask my child who is that, ‘cause he sound just like the last record that went off. And then they always [talking about] ‘I ride in that Bugatti, I been getting money, I been rich.’ And I’m like, I was born in ‘74, the lights was in my name in ‘77. I don’t never remember being rich. My credit been messed up.”
On 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross:
“The 50 and the Rick Ross thing been going on for a long time, so it’s comical to me. But when I saw Vivica say something to 50, and then 50 commented like I would’ve and he was like, ‘So know she think I’m gay ‘cause I let her eat my behind?’ I was trying to high-five 50.”
On his own concoction of treatment for his Lupus:
“I don’t take medicine. I’m an avid drinker. I used to drink Hennessy, but my doctor ay Hennessy has more sugar. I drink every day, but I drink Patron or Ciroc. And I use the best drugs that money can buy from my homies from the hood, from the trap. I smoke laced, I smoke dirty.”
On Bill Cosby:
“I’m not gonna Bill Cosby no woman. I know Bill was a creep anyway because I gave this fool a song. I did a song called ‘I Just Wanna Sing’ for the Fat Albert soundtrack, and he was like ‘Oh, it doesn’t fit.’ I’m talking about positive stuff. I’m talking about it’s another Venus and Serena somewhere, that’s what I’m talking about. I knew something wasn’t right about him.”
On his problem with Tyler Perry:
“The new person I got a problem with, “Tyler Prairie.” He could call himself Tyler Perry all he want to. When he did the movie with the gun and he was supposed to be the police, Alex Cross… to me his name is Madea. And when you know how how to play a woman or play a homosexual so good, it’s natural.”
On Oprah:
“You know who Oprah hitting. Gail! Everybody know that! It’s all a mind thing. Steadman is just a trophy. He something there to cloud the mind.”
On Birdman:
“I’ve done business with Birdman. Some was good, some was bad. I just think when you try and be a CEO, when you try to be a rapper, and you try and be a ladies man, and you trying to be a girlfriend, and you trying to be a crip and a blood… I just think, had Baby been more of a businessman… Like, for instance, somebody tell me what’s Cash Money address. You ever saw a Cash Money office? You ever saw a picture? There ain’t one.”

Press play to watch below:

Oh and also waistgang head boss PreMadonna also hit up on the show too...

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