Friday, November 20, 2015


Oh snap now!!

No Ma'am, yaas Ma'am, thee Legendary Singer; tearing up the stage Diva Mary J. Blige done up and got herself a radio show on us... Alright right now! 

MJB launched the "Real Talk" station on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio this month, and the Singer speaks out on it saying that she want to motivate her fans with her show, much like her songs does. Watch video and get more deet inside.


MJB speak on her first ever radio show  that she started up to reach out to her fans, she says:

So many people out there are hurting and there are so many people out there that need to be reached, and there are so many people I wish I could … give a word of encouragement to. If I can reach somebody and say, ‘…You’re beautiful and I go through the same things, too, and right now I’m thinking the same thing’ – it means so much to them.

Each episode of the radio show will be label by one of MJB songs like "Not Gon Cry", {we showed not}, "Real Love" No More Drama, and more of her hits:

It was special to me because I got a chance to express to people that didn’t know exactly what was happening during the making of the ‘My Life’ album and what I was dealing with. Although I’ve come a long way and I’ve recovered and I’m strong and no one’s going to hurt me again – or I would hope that no one hurts me again – just the feeling, just the nostalgia, just the memories are all very vivid and the same.

Press play to watch MJB speak on "Real Talk" Here:

We're excited about MJB radio show, that it make us want to sing: "Real love, I'm searchin' for a real love... Someone to set my heart free, Real love...I'm searchin' for a real love" {In our MJB voice} Oh wee Honey don't let us cut up!  
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