Saturday, October 31, 2015


Mmm Diva Snap Been M.I.A.!

If you have been wondering where in the heck has Diva Snap   been this week. Right {duck lips like.. Tami Roman}

Well Diva Snap has been welcome with open arms and snaps to partner with Oh SOW Sweet Inc.  Yazz!! Can we get a *Diva Snap*... Pop Those Fingers!  And we know you're like who?! No need to wonder, get the deets on the partnership and see the cute-ish pics on the in side.

Okay Diva and Snapper put your fingers together and snap it up for our partners Oh SOW Sweet Inc., which is a new Divas on the move interactive, fun and unique organization for girls that will be focusing on providing quality and out of the norm experiences through workshops, interactive curriculum and engaging outings while they build pen pals and long lasting friendships. Diva Snap will be mentoring little girl blogger on the move with Oh SOW Sweet Inc., Yay!!!  One time for the Divas!!

Last weekend Diva Snap had a busy weekend with Oh SOW Sweet Inc Sweetie-pies as we attend  Zoe annual Living Doll Experience were we snapped on the scene to help Zoe  "unveil her Living Doll Experience and the Girlpreneur Program at Betty T. Ferguson Amphitheater in Miami Gardens.

Scroll below to see the wonderful pics... 

Oh SOW Sweet Inc. sponsor table  at Zoe Living Doll experience  launch.

The Founder  Shanika Lewis of Oh SOW Sweet Inc. snapped it up at her sponsor table  with one of her Sweetie-pies members.

More pics of the Founder and her Sweetie-Pies members below... 

Oh SOW Sweet Inc. Founder and her Sweetie-pies members.

Zoe  Living Doll T-shirt vendors

Miami New Generation dance group with the Hostress Stitches of 103.5 the beat radio Miami.

The "unveiling of Zoe {above pic} Living Doll Experience and the Girlpreneur Program.

Head on over to Oh SOW Sweet Inc to see a lot more fab pics... P.S. also find out how your little Diva can become a member... {CLICK HERE}... 

Sweet Cute-ish Right,
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