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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


So this is why over the weekend rapper The Game decided come for Chris Breezy by follow Karreuche Trans {Chris Brown ex} on Instagram, plus like her pics… {If you follow us on IG you can catch that} Umm we was wonder what was up with that… So come to find out the beef is about some vandalizing of the Game cars. Which the rapper is accusing Breezy and his Homie of EFFin with his cars. See deets of the beef inside.

Okay here’s the snap report, AllHipHop:

"The Game is now aiming at Chris Brown and blaming his former friend for the vandalization of several of his luxury cars.

Apparently, Wackstar, a friend of Chris Brown, is the culprit that The Game says is responsible.

On a seemingly deleted instagram post, The Game said, “’Tell these fans who really had Chris Brown auntie tied up & his house broke into you pu**y a*s f**got. When I see you I’m gone break yo f****n jaw…So have yo gun on you pu**y.’” Those comments were not directed towards Chris Brown.

Over the weekend, Game posted visuals that showed somebody hitting his cars with an object.

It is unclear why The Game is blaming Backstair, because he is clearly not the person in the video. The video boasts a White male vandalizing the fleet of cars. Wackstar is Black.

The Game said he intends to find the person that damaged his vehicles.

In the meantime, he took to Instagram to express interest in Chris Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran. Chris Brown commented that the move seemed like a play for publicity.

 Caught on camera: The Game posted video footage of a man allegedly vandalizing his property on Friday night

More Snappin:

So Although Chris Brown is not be dating Karrueche anymore, he do still reacts when someone is trying to creep or flirt with her. However when Breezy saw  Game liking a Karreuche posts on Instagram after he followed her. Breezy snapped saying:

“Someone must have something they need to promote. It’s sad people need gimmicks to maintain fame. All pub is good pub I guess.”

As you might know by now that Game is currently promoting his highly anticipated LP, The Documentary 2, didn’t let that slide and responded with a few threatening words of his own, snappin:

 “Keep throwing subliminals ni**a…We both know when it’s ME vs. YOU who gone come out on top punk…. I still owe you one for that s**t you pulled…We both know yo time coming blood.”

He added, “Now gone call who u gone call n tell who u gone tell…That ain’t gone stop me from knockin’ yo a** out when I see you #YouKnowMe.”

Chile-Boo, they have it going on... Sheesh!

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