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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Dat's My Best friend!

Bestie Toya Wright stay on her getting money. She has launched a bling bonnet collection for us divas to look elegant and bling out in while we get our beauty rest on doing bed time.... Yep are they cute-ish! See the fashion snappin blinging bedroom bonnet inside.

As you can see Toya and her famous friends has been getting pretty just to go to bed and we want to be like them... So we about to hit on the before bed head website to purchase the stylish head bonnet $29. 

See more pics below of the snappin pieces...

Image of Irred~Essence (Black)

Irred~Essence {Black}

Image of Crystal Dreams (Lavender)

Crystal Dreams (Lavender)

Image of Irred~Essence (Pink)

Twisted Gems Pink

Reality star Phaedra Parks gettin her beauty rest on wearing the fancy bonnet.

BFF Tameka Tiny Harris gettin her beauty rest on wearing the fancy bonnet...

Premium Luxury Bonnets & Bed time accessories lin

Kandi Burrus get her beauty rest on wearing the fancy bonnet.

Stylish right, 
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