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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hold up let me check my bank account to see how long my funds is... Ha! We are so loving  Mr. and Mrs. Keys-Swizz mansion, and honey if Alicia did the decoration she did a flawless job. Now enough of me talking head inside to take a look at the beautiful that is now on the market  for sale.

Okay here's the snap report O. Mail:

"They expanded their brood in December, but it's the artwork that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are reportedly selling up to make room for.
The new parents - who have two sons Egypt, four, and eight-month-old Genesis - are reportedly listing their $14.9 million, 5.2 acre compound to accommodate their art collection.

TMZ claims the pair are hoping to house their affectionately named 'Eight Acres of Showtime' somewhere other than their 8-bedroom, 20-bathroom Englewood, New Jersey mansion."

Scroll below to see all the fab pic of the mansion...

State of the art: It's also known to include a state of the art recording studio for their respective musical needs

 photo ho3.png

Bab-to-the-b as you may know we are sooo love the color green and that living room is everything!! We're oh so in love! Alicia did that *Diva Snaps*

Kooky collection: The sizeable artwork collection is thought to include very valuable, sought after pieces from Andy Warhol, as well as from emerging artists

Making room: The couple have just recently welcomed their second child, but it's their art collection that needs more space

Quite the collectors: Swizz - real name Kasseem Dean - is fast becoming an avid curator of art

 photo ho6.png

Roomy: It also boasts eight bedrooms and 20 bathrooms

 photo ho7.png

 photo ho10.png

That's a Bad Crib... Right,
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