Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Saturday, August 1, 2015


YAAS it's been a long time coming and now the wait is finally over... 

Ladies and Gentleman Diva Snap will like for you to put your fingers together and snap it up as we introduced  to you the next rising, Kimora Lee, BeyoncĂ© or Oprah; ours very first Diva On The Move, interview featuring the oh so pretty   Trina "EnvyUrself" marketing hair and fashion stylist from Atlanta Georgia and her fabulous show.. Yay!! Watch the moving interview and video inside.

Diva Snap was super excited to attend Trina amazing Diamond  and Pearls hair, fashion show in ATL that was completed with lots of entertainment.  We was able to enjoy and captured Trina doing a awesome job launching her brand, show casing her many talents, and making big moves at the event as she gets her feet wet more deeper into marketing, hair and fashion industry. 

With that said check out the interview and why Trina is a Diva on the move  {DOTM} below:

 To start off Trina give  us a deeper insight on who she are:

     "Well I am and always will be an “ATLien”home grown! I was a model for about 10 years doing runway, hair, and fashion shows then did some commercials and print work. Plus I did some acting but in 2000 I started working with a marketing team “Real Street Promotions.” At the time Tyreal Louis had a great idea to have ladies do promotions, which made sense; What are in clubs and events? “Ladies!” which brings in more venue for events. I did that for about 3 years helping with marketing some of the latest hits around, I worked with all record labels and even helped manager the “Super Friends” which turned out to be some of the hottest Djs around. When doing this job I realized
that marketing was something I wanted to do alone, helping people look and come off amazing so I combined the beauty and marketing plans to create the brand “ Envy
Urself”, with the motto: “ If you don’t envy yourself then how can others”.

This is basically not just a brand but a movement! I am now pursing my Masters in Global Marketing expanded from music to doing commercial marketing and licensed as a Cosmetologist in Ga and Ca. I have worked for H2pro now for about 5 years which is one of the largest ceramic companies around. I now plan on starting my own brand in not just one thing but many things from beauty to marketing to mechanizing starting with having my very own first hair and fashion July 18, 2015. This is only the beginning and I’m hopeful the expansion will only continue to grow".

DivaSnap.com: What is the name of your Brand ?​ 

"Envy Urself."

DivaSnap.com: What ignited the spark in you to start your business venture? ?

"It started from me not being able to get clothes, hair and makeup like everyone else, so I learned how to do my own. After that I learned that beauty can get you far but beauty and education can get your further. Then I asked myself, “Even if you become successful why would anyone believe you?” That’s when I realized you have to have confidence! .You have to believe in yourself and when people see that you believe, it will lead them to believe as well! That’s how the name “EnvyUrself” was created."

DivaSnap.com: When did you know that you wanted to be a businesswoman or what we call Diva​ on the move?

"I realized it as a child I use to tell my parents all the time I was going to be rich. I clocked in to my first job and realized this is what it feels like to get bills paid doing something I love.
That’s when I knew I wanted to build my own business. It’s motivating to know it’s possible to do something you love while living a life you’re called to have."

DivaSnap.com: What makes you and your brand stand out from others hair and  fashion  stylist?

"It’s a movement. It’s a mentality. You KNOW when I come around and you KNOW when my events are taking place. It’s more than a company, it’s a feeling of confidence, satisfaction, and completion. I feel that in my events or people who have participated/helped will leave with this Envy Urself mentality and at the end of the day, that’s the root of where it all began."

DivaSnap.com: What are your dreams or vision for your on the  move business? 

"My dream is to have a brand like Johnson & Johnson; not just be limited to onething but involved in many things for many people."

What three pieces of advice would you give to other female who want to become a DOTM {businesswoman} or have big ideas and dreams?

"1. Never give up.
2. Create a timeline short/long term and complete them one by one. (There’s no rush)
3. Pay it forward; you never know where your help may come from. "

DivaSnap.com: In one word, describe your life as a DOTM {Businesswoman}?


DivaSnap.com: Now tell us about your marketing  hair, fashion show.

"It’s only going to be the most talked about event in the city! This will be a coming out party so to speak. I will be showing my event marketing skills as well as introducing my hair to the city. 
BUT I’m not just a one talent type of woman! So this hair/fashion show will turn into a networking event which will include: artists, models and other businesses.This example also has multiple lines."

And indeed it was!  If we must say… The 'Diamonds & Pearls' Hair & Fashion Show event was so fabulous and held on :

Saturday, July 18th @ 7pm
115 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, 2nd floor
Atlanta, Ga 30303

Hosted by thee beautiful @chantailleelise and using some of Georgia's finest models.

To continue with our DOTM interview we ask Trina our highlighted questions: 

Scroll  below  to see pics and watch the  video  of the event...

Press play to watch the show:

  • Hair by @envyurself @sexappeal37 @reddharedontkare @rawelegance2015
  • Makeup by @maci_minaj @breezy_b_lashnout @_sophisticated_misfit
  • Clothes by @hey.hollywood &  @naudidesigns @chimerelyrics
  • Accessories by @nvernee

A Long list of new music by:
  • @trendzmorrison
  • @obanga
  • @mpkgotbeatz
  • @HavokJonesMusik
  • @theggsband

Performances by: @poetykndulgnce  & @Gizmo_Rap .

All of the above names  can be follow and reached on Instagram. 

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