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Thursday, July 9, 2015


No wonder we heard rapper Da Brat on the show this A.M.

This is so funny because just like the other day; you know this week... I was having a conversation  with my Mother and she was snappin about she doesn't listen to the Rickey Smiley morning show because  of a certain somebody {CJ}, and now the snappin  has it that this Child done got her walking paper... Lawd how mercy... get deets inside.

Okay here's the snap  report  reality tea:

"Claudia Jordan is not having very good luck lately! After getting canned fromReal Housewives Of Atlanta, now comes the news that she’s also been fired from her radio gig on The Rickey Smiley Show. 
Claudia confirmed the firing on her Facebook page. She thanked the show for giving her an opportunity to move to Atlanta and appear on RHOA. The show is on vacation this week and Claudia’s last gig was reporting from the Essence Festival last week. 

Atlanta Constitution Journal reveals that there was drama behind-the-scenes between Claudia and her boss Rickey Smiley, who felt miffed that he gave Claudia “opportunity” and she took advantage of him. He complained on Facebook about “disrespect” and “S on and off the air” he deals with daily from certain people with “entitlement issues.” 
“Being no nonsense and not taking shi from anyone is not bipolar. Saying no to someone isn’t being mean,” Rickey added. Although he didn’t name Claudia as the subject of his rant, it was heavily implied that’s who he was directing it towards.  
AJC reveals that ratings for the syndicated radio show have been down in several markets and Rickey was “looking for excuses” to let Claudia go because she was was difficult to deal with on-set. As a result of conflict between Claudia and Rickey, he stopped speaking to her two weeks ago!
However a source claims that Rickey was jealous of the fame Claudia garnered and when the radio crew made public appearances together Claudia got the most attention, which annoyed him. So Rickey sounds like a perfect candidate for RHOA! 
Claudia was an easy target,” the source shared. “She’s the most interesting person on the show. Rickey couldn’t have that.”


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