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Saturday, June 20, 2015


In sad news reality star turn non-wifey  Claudia got her walking paper from the hit reality show RHOA... Ye Folks like Claudia will be exiting the building to the left. A moment of silence  is requested for Claudia  departure  from one of the most hott3st show from the Bravo network on the count of  three... 1...2...3 silence! Alright now get the deets on Jordan exit  inside.

Okay here's  the snap per O.mail via TMZ:

Claudia Jordan has allegedly been fired from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, according to a TMZ report.
The 42-year-old - who often came to blows with co-star NeNe Leakes - will allegedly not be returning to the reality show as a lead cast member, after appearing on just one season.  
DailyMail.com has contacted Claudia's representative for comment. 

The newest Housewife to appear in Atlanta for the recently concluded seventh season, Claudia made an immediate impression - in large part due to her conflicts with NeNe.
For the final three episodes of the season, in fact, storylines were dominated by the Claudia-NeNe feud.
With the news of the alleged firing, speculation quickly indicated the fight as a cause, with the RHOA producers choosing their long-time star over a new face.

Claudia may not even be welcomed back as a guest star, if the reports are true.
As for the reality star herself, reports of her alleged dismissal seemed to catch Claudia by surprise.
On Saturday morning, she posted a short Twitter message - 'Wait what?!?' - followed by several emojis crying tears of laughter.

We don't know how true is this snappin...So we'll  have to wait for an update... Meanwhile  Jordan still have her spot  on the Rickey Smiley  morning show..

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