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Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, November 7, 2014


So the snappin has it  the LHH hollywood Reunion got all the way messy as usual with this show and between the Ray ladies as in Ray J.... So {pop lips} Ray boo Princess allegdly knocked out his assistant Morgan with one punch during the taping or maybe not... Get the deets inside.
Breaking: Ray J's GF Princess Love Knocks Out His Assistant At LHH Hollywood Reunion Taping

Okay here's the snap Reports TMZ:
Production sources tell TMZ … Morgan Hardman was bad-mouthing Princess’ BF, Ray J, while they were filming Monday in NYC … so Princess allegedly hauled off and decked her … knocking her flat on her back.
Hardman was telling everyone in earshot that Ray J physically abused her. She went on to say Ray J threw her son off his basketball team out of spite. Ray J fired back … saying the kid wasn’t old enough to be on the team, but will next year. He also said he never laid a hand on Hardman.
Apparently, Princess Love reached her breaking point and cold-cocked her. An ambulance came and paramedics treated her on scene.

But other snappin has it that Morgan actually got the best of GirlFriend-Boo Princess... Check it out below:

 Last night, during the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion taping, Ray J’s girlfriend Princess Love attacked his former assistant Morgan Hardman, who was reportedly accusing him of abuse — a claim she also made a few weeks ago on Instagram. According to TMZ, Princess hauled off and socked Morgan in the face — sending her crashing to the ground. Paramedics were called.
In case you haven’t been keeping up with “LHHH,” Ray fired Morgan after she took a job with her friend/ cast mate Yesi Ortiz (“Power 106″) which is when Morgan first alleged that Ray abused her.
Back in October, she wrote this on Instagram, “Tell the real reason I don’t f*ck with you and why I don’t work for you because you put your hands on me in front of my child talking about you gonna have me killed. Wow all in front of my son you drunk a** ni**a. Go get some help cause I’m not the only one UR beating on … hows that for some (tea). 10 years of book loyal to the wrong F**k boy.”
Morgan’s friend Yesi, who’s known as the “Voice Of L.A.,” chatted with us about the incident and has a completely different version of what’s being reported about the reunion brawl.
“Let me clear that up right now. I was right next to Morgan. It was me,  Morgan, Mona, Ray and Princess. It looked like [Princess] came at [Morgan] hard because she was the one who came up and charged, but Morgan was the one who really swung at home girl. And then security came. No one was knocked out. Morgan really got the best hit in it all. She came forward and Morgan just…”
Morgan posted this video on Instagram, clarifying that she was not knocked out. “They love to lie and I’ll keep killing them with truth. Let’s go,” she wrote. In another post, she wrote, “Lol now we all know ray j relationship with TMZ he can have anything posted lol laid flat out lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ good one make sure everyone checks out the real story on the breakfast club tomorrow morning the truth behind my son and every other lie they tell I will keep telling the truth and keep praying for this man to get help.”

A video posted by Morgan Hardman (@morganhardman) on
And this she posted this too:

"why lie a year later come on bro... dang SK Corey is like UR son you just gonna lie with him now ok "

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