Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


We don't even watch this reality show, and in case you watch and we know you may want to see....
A snap down  pop off  between "Blood, Sweat & Heels” cast mates Melyssa Ford and Geneva Thomas who got it snappin on Wednesday night. And word has it that Melyssa Ford got hurt all up and is back in the hospital after the brawl that happen during the week. Watch the video footage, inside.
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Okay here's the snap Reports YBF:

"The cameras were rolling as the ladies of “Blood, Sweat & Heels” taped for the upcoming second season of the hit BRAVO series. But apparently, ish went totally left between castmates Melyssa Ford and Geneva Thomas(pictured above at last night's party), which resulted in a hair-pulling, bottle throwing, all out BLOODY brawl.
During an earlier exclusive, we told you that the ladies were filming at a boat party at Pier 40 near Hudson River Park. According to our source, Geneva and Melyssa got into it and Geneva came after Melyssa. Next thing you know, bottles were thrown, hair was pulled and the two had to be separated by security. We found out Melyssa was hauled off in an ambulance and was taken to the hospital to get three stitches in the head! She left shortly before 7AM. has exclusive video footage of the fight aftermath, showing Geneva wiping away tears and trying to explain what happened. You can also see the debris scattered across the floor.

And in a second video (below), we see a clip of the actual fight. You see Geneva in the blue dress as she tries to defend herself while Melyssa (in the black dress) is pulling Geneva's hair. From the video clip, we're not exactly sure who started it, but security ended it pretty quickly."
Watch the snap down below:

Hold up, there more to the story... Per YBF:

"Melyssa Ford is back in the hospital after the "Blood Sweat & Heels" brawl earlier this week!  
That bottle action from castmate Geneva Thomas is the gift that keeps on giving.  A miserable gift.  We've learned that Melyssa Ford was rushed to the hospital again today after her injuries from Tuesday night's brawl between the "Blood Sweat & Heels" co-stars.

Apparently, Melyssa's injuries were more serious than the initial three stitches she received after Geneva allegedly hit her in the head with a vodka bottle at a boat party in Manhattan.

She was being taken back to hospital today because of her head injuries.  We've also learned that she can't walk due to several gashes under her feet from broken glass during brawl.  And based on the pics we nabbed of her hopping on crutches today outside of the hospital, her right foot looks quite injured.

We're told that thanks to all the trauma and drama, she hasn't slept since the incident.Geneva was arrested after the party brawl and charged with two counts of assault."

Well look like we will be tune into this show after all.

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